Activities for children

Barefoot trails: 15 min by car

Les Sentiers Pieds-Nus offers you the opportunity to forget your shoes to find contact with the ground through various elements (sand, wood, earth, mud, etc.) in order to reconnect with Nature. You will also find play areas, creative areas, observation points and many others.

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La Cactée qui Caquette: 5 min by car / 12 min on foot

Located in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, the Walks of Wonder invented by Manon invite you to reconnect with Nature, but also with others. A moving, naturalistic and poetic experience that young and old alike will remember for a long time.

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L'Aya Acrobatic Park : 15 min by car

In this tree climbing park, you will find more than 10 courses and a hundred aerial games for a suspended day that will amuse young and old. At the foot of Lac Bleu, in a magnificent mountain setting, enjoy the warm welcome of the Aya team as a family, who will be able to guide and accompany you in various activities.

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Haras de Tarbes: 25 min by car

A natural park in the heart of the city of Tarbes created by Napoleon at the beginning of the 19th century. It is here that the Navarrin saddle horse breed was born, after several historic crosses.Visit the stud farm and the museum full of typical objects of the garrison town. Remember to book your visit.

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Animal Park of the Pyrenees: 40 min by car

This animal park offers a visit of a minimum of 3 hours to meet all types of fauna, from wolves to red pandas, parakeets and farm animals. A great moment of wonder for the whole family! Remember to plan your visit.

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